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Invalidation Material Search

A service searching for references that deny novelty or inventive step of patents that have already been granted. This service is especially for non-native Japanese clients who wish to find invalidation material in Japanese-language patent literature and non-patent literature.

For Those Clients

  • Those who wish to invalidate a bother patent held by a competitor.
  • Those who received a warning letter alleging infringement of another company’s patent.
  • Those who wish to find invalidation material among Japanese-language patent documents that have no foreign patent family.
  • Those who wish to find invalidation material among Japanese-language non-patent documents.
  • Those who find it difficult to thoroughly search for Japanese-language literature.
  • Service Details

    Please inform us of the patent number for which you wish to have the patent invalidated. We thoroughly search Japanese-language patent literature that could have been overlooked as prior art reference in patent examination outside of Japan. Typically, we set up 10 or more search formulas employing text and domestic patent classification such as FI and F-term and screen 1,000 or more documents. Optionally, we search Japanese-language non-patent literature such as academic journals and conference abstracts using search database containing a lot of domestic documents. Of course, we are expertise in searching U.S. patent documents, European patent documents, Chinese patent documents, Korean patent documents, as well as non-patent documents in English. Our search report is supervised by experienced former JPO examiner belonging to our company and will be in English or Japanese.

    Why AIRI?

    AIRI is nationally certified prior search outsourcing company for the Japan Patent Office since 2006. As of 2023, we provide more than 20,000 prior art searches annually to JPO and have the largest market share among private search companies. We are staffed with more than 300 nationally certified patent search specialists, including about 25 experienced former JPO examiners, to ensure the high quality of our search services over any technical fields. In more than half of invalidation search projects, we have been successful in finding and presenting new literature that may be used for patent invalidation.

    Fees & Delivery Time

    Please contact us for the details of pricing. Standard delivery term is around 4 to 6 weeks. Express service may also be available.