AIRI Co., Ltd.

The registered search organization by Japan Patent Office.AIRI Co., Ltd.

Service for the Patent Office

Prior art search


We are conducting research on prior art documents as a registered patent search organization, the documents which are necessary for the patent office examiner to judge the novelty and the inventive step of invention applied.

Our 270 patent searchers performs the investigation of the prior art documents using the search system equivalent to that used by the patent office examiner, while utilizing their expertise and experience background.



Prior art search process

先行技術調査プロセス The process of search business consists of, corporation / individual request the patent application examination the Patent Office, then AIRI will conduct a prior art investigation upon the request from the office.

Number of searchers:0
Prior art document survey / Number of orders received:0


We have been at the top market share of private institutes from 2013, while the annual average growth rate of more than 20% for both patent searchers and orders since 2010, after our business started with 12 patent searchers in 2007.

As of 2019, the number of patent searchers has increased about 20 times and the number of orders received has increased about 40 times, compared with the time when our company was founded ten years ago.

What is the registered patent search organization?

The organization that is registered by the Commissioner of the Patent Office and serves the prior art investigations requested by the Patent Office.
Currently, ten organizations are registered as authorized search institutes, and a total of approximately 1,900 searchers perform prior art investigation of approximately 250,000 patents annually. The Patent Office intends to expand outsourcing of the prior art investigation in order to further accelerate the patent examination.


What is a patent searcher?

Patent searchers report the search results of the prior art documents using the same retrieval system used by the patent office examiner.