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The registered search organization by Japan Patent Office.AIRI Co., Ltd.

AIRI Consulting

What is AIRI Consulting?

民間企業とAIRIOur consulting service develop and promote the intellectual property department which is useful for the client.

As a patent search origanization, we have been achieved much work with the group of about 270 excellent engineers and searching experts, all of them have patent understanding and related documents search skills.

1 Patent strategy for management

経営のための特許戦略We support to build useful patent application strategies and patents.

We can respond to all technical fields according to client’s needs. (engineers in many fields are enrolled)
Foreign literature survey was conducted.
We can support the construction of global patent application strategy as well as domestic.
Literature survey countries and regions
Japan, US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Australia,Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia

2 Specific problem solving

具体的な課題解決We conduct basic analysis to identify specific issues and provide services to solve the problems.

We provide human resources development services, according to clients’ intellectual property strategies.
We combine long-term contracts and spot contracts to flexibly respond to client’s requests.

3 Task Force

最適な専門チーム構成Specialized teams are people chosen from our staff with various experiences and provide services to solve specific problems.

We will organize a dedicated team with professional engineers who can deeply understand consultants and technology based on business experiences.
We will organize optimum specialized team from AIRI registered patent searchers about 270 people consist of different technical fields.

Number of patent searchers:0

Technical fields with AIRI registered patent searcher

Optical deviceOffice machineApplied opticsApplied physics
Metal processingElectrochemistryMeasurementAnalysis diagnosis
Organic chemistryEnvironmental chemistryLife Science,Medical carePower machine
Automatic controlAmusementNatural resourcesDigital communication
Living environmentProduction machineThermal systemMedical device
Electronic commerceTransmission systemElectronic power system

The number of clients is increasing now!


We closely cooperate with the client’s president and intellectual property manager, and we are entrusted with intellectual property business in general (Patent application strategy, competition analysis, decision of manufacturing, application decision, etc.).
We work closely with the president of the client, and we are entrusted with the intellectual property business (competition analysis, decision of manufacturing, application decision, etc.) necessary for new business development.
We are entrusted to build up the strategy necessary for financing by comparing and analyzing the client’s technologies and the patents with competitors.
As an intermediary role between the client and the patent attorney office, we accurately understand the intention of the application from the invention idea and realize an effective patent application.

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