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Message from President, Director

Message from President, Director

特許庁登録調査機関 株式会社AIRI 取締役社長 石井知
President, Director  Tomo Ishii

I had only a rule for the desire to make an environment where researchers and engineers can fully show their abilities, at the beginning of the establishment.
By now a large number of researchers and engineers gather and show their abilities day and night in our company.

I can think that our organization where a large number of researchers and technicians gathered who have advanced expertise and experience mainly in physical and chemical fields, became one of the leading companies in Japan.

Today, we are conducting prior art investigations to accelerate and improve the efficiency of patent examination in Japan as a patent search registration institute.
Many researchers and engineers servicing prior art surveys at our company accumulate knowledge of latest technology trends and practical know-how of patent examination / investigation, with their expertise and experience.

What I am feeling now is to create such a system that these researchers and engineers can show their abilities and return the potential values they possess to society, that is exactly the same what I thought at the beginning of our company.

I will continue to make effort to creating the future of our company with the thought, which has been the driving force since the beginning.
I will have much appreciation of your continuous support and cooperation.

Profile of Tomo Ishii

Graduated from Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Master degree of Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Employed to Lehman Brothers Stock Company Investment Banking Headquarters
Foreign Affairs Japan Translation editor
Technology Strategy Department, of KRI Co.,Ltd,
President, Director of Advanced Intellectual Property Research Institute, Co., Ltd.