AIRI Co., Ltd.

The registered search organization by Japan Patent Office.AIRI Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

AIRI Philosophy

A virtuous company changes the world

AIRI filed in June 2006 celebrated its 10th anniversary 2016.
AIRI promotes the concept of “Strengthening science technology and intellectual property rights in Japan” and ” Utilize potential capabilities of individual researchers and engineers ” from the very beginning, and as a result of trying hard for 10 years, we have grown to include 2 billion yen in sales and over 200 researchers and engineers in all.

AIRI would like to thank the cooperation of the customers who supported AIRI and the efforts of AIRI employees.

This philosophy was the only AIRI’s authentic, at the beginning.
I witnessed the fact that this philosophy affects with various people and had been chain reacted one after another in last decade.
At first, it seemed that the dream in founder’s mind became a word as a philosophy, one after another discovering a group of people resonating with this idea, and creating a big tide.

As AIRI have seen at the strong influence of the philosophy on the around, AIRI needs the clear indispensable philosophy appropriate to us for our company’s further leap and growth, AIRI will formalize our basic philosophy at the 10th anniversary.

I did apply “virtue” to corporations, and formalize “virtuous company” as a basic philosophy of our company, the “virtue” is a powerful means for solving real and difficult problems encountered in the process of fulfilling social responsibilities as a member of society.

The concept of virtue is the strongest wisdom human being has.
I am convinced that a company will be respected as a member of society, if you act with consciousness of virtue which contains various concepts, its interpretation will vary depending on the circumstances, and differs depending on the person.
If you keep acting based on virtue, you might make real a dream of changing the world.

At the tenth anniversary, I decided to take off the old clothes and start a new “second foundation” by changing the company name from “Advanced Intellectual Property Research Institute Co., Ltd.” to “AIRI Corporation”.

AIRI Co., Ltd. believes that “a company with virtues will change the world” and will continue to work.

I appreciate your continuous support and encouragement.

AIRI Vision

To lead the world in intellectual property business

The most effective means to create wealth in today’s human society is business.
AIRI believes that intellectual property is the greatest driving force to create business and grow, and we will make our mission “to lead the world in intellectual property business”.


Company Profile

Company Name
AIRI Co.,Ltd.
June 8th 2006
49 mil. yen
CEO Teruo Kodama
Charman, Representative Director   Teruo Kodama

Vice Chairman, Director   Toshimichi Moriya

President, Director    Tomo Ishii

Senior Executive Officer, Director    Shigeki Takagi (Genral Manager, Patent Search Department)

Senior Executive Officer, Director    Youichi Togo (General Manager, President Office)

Director    Makoto Nakajima  (Deputy Chairman of the Invention Association of Japan Public Utility Corporation,    Former Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office, Attorney)

Director    Takahiro Nozawa  (President of the Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute)

Auditor    Kei Nakanishi      (Evisu Law Accounting Office Attorney)

Head Office (Tokyo)
〒108-0014 Hatano Building, Shiba 4 – 4 – 10, Minato – ku, Tokyo

Meguro office
〒141-0021 BICYCLE CULTURE CENTER Building 8F, Kami-osaki 3-3-1, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Yokohama office
〒222-0033 ABAS Shin-Yokohama Building 7F, Shin-Yokohama 2-6-1, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City

Chubu District branch
〒453-0856 Namiki 2-182, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya city Aichi Prefecture

Kansai branch Kyoto office
〒604-8186 Urbanex Oike Building West Building 2F, Oike-kudaru Umeya-cho 358, Kurumaya-cho-dori , Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto City

Kansai Branch Osaka Office
〒541-0041 Kitahama Chuo Building 12th Floor, Kitahama 2-2-22, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Osaka Prefecture

Business Contents
1. Investigation service on intellectual property
2. Consulting of technical information and technical knou-how
3. Consulting related to management.
4. All business and business related to the above

Corporate history

June 2006
Established the Company
March 2007
Authorized as a registered search organization.
June 2007
Start search on prior art documents in Optical device classification
April 2010
Started search on the prior art documents in both Applied Optics and Office Machine classification
April 2011
Started search of prior art documents in both Measurements and Metal electrochemistry classification
April 2011
Open Kansai branch (Kyoto office)
October 2012
Started search of prior art document in Nano physics classification
April 2013
Open Meguro branch
April 2014
Start search of prior art documents in seven classifications of Natural resources, Amusement, Automatic control, Power machine, Life Science, Environmental chemistry, Organic chemistry
November 2014
Open Kansai branch Osaka office
July 2016
Open Roppongi Branch Office
November 2016
Company name changed from Advanced Intellectual Property Research Institute Co., Ltd. to AIRI Corporation
June 2018
Open Chu-bu Office